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it is your legacy

A LOVER’S ALIBI → inspired by ; requested by me, deal with it 
starring: angel coulby, richard madden
I walked a minute in your shoes,
They never would’ve fit
I figured there’s nothing to lose

Nelle Cooper (Coulby) was always told that the residency was the hardest part to becoming a doctor. After the grunt work, ridicule, and making the necessary mistakes, Nelle was ready to be the doctor she always knew she was capable of becoming. Unfortunately, no one told her about the jump in responsibilities: eighteen patients in critical, five very incompetent residents under her wing, and two sixteen hour shifts back to back. Not one mistake is to be made, she’s not new or inexperienced anymore. Years of wear and tear drives friends and family away and soon Nelle’s only regular human contact is with the dead and the dying. And soon, the dead and dying come to define her.

Erik Dawson (Madden) is used to the fast life. In fact, you kind of had to be in order to work as an emergency paramedic. Four emergencies a day seems like an awful lot but it keeps him on his toes, even the ones where it’s just a pair of delinquents bored out of their juvenile little minds. But sometimes the rush isn’t enough and he turns to the club life: dark, free, and blissfully never-ending. Eventually, the shadows of his past will catch up to him just when he’s out of gas. When a bomb crisis drives them together, will it be enough for them to wake up and smell the disinfectant? 

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