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Mira Furlan’s Closing Remarks at the Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion

"I want to say that Babylon 5 happened to me at a time when my life went through an incredible rupture. When I felt broken as a person, and that it lifted me to something completely different, to another life. And I cannot - I don’t have the words to express my appreciation for that. So that’s that. I’m incredibly grateful for the character that I got to play, and for the five years with these incredible people that stayed my friends. I miss Andreas everyday. I miss Rick everyday. Tim Choate was also my friend, a very close friend of mine. Michael O’Hare, whatever he was and however he was, he was somehow connected with that beginning of my new life in America. I cannot get over the loss of those people. Richard Compton who cast me in this role was crucial for what happened to me. I mean, the loss is unbelievable. And they’re here, they’re here - in my - it’s so pathetic and so stupid to say that - in my heart. But it’s really true! It’s really true! We carry them on, we carry them and they live on with us - in us. So that’s that. As far as this convention goes, I’ve never been - I totally agree with Jason - it’s the most friendly, the most caring, the most kind and somehow human convention I’ve been to and I truly appreciate it. You know, all the organizers and so on. Every little detail and function clicked and was perfect. Thank you for organizing this. I think we needed it, we needed to get together, we needed some kind of closure and some kind of emotional bonding after so many years. Because many things happened that were not so great and so on and so forth, and somehow I feel that we - we came through it. And we’re on the other side and I’m so happy. I’m so glad to see every, every, every and each one of you. Really, I’m truly, truly happy for that. And I thank you, of course, I can’t thank you enough because you’re crucial for our survival. And this new family that we achieved with Babylon 5. Thank you and thank you.”

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