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I was wrong to scold you.

I could feelingsvomit about this all day. One of the advantages of the 4 hour uncut version of this film is that despite having about 20 different main characters, there’s time to develop them through the film. It’s not a big development, but in the case of siblings Sun Quan and Shang Xiang, it added to the film’s appeal. Lady Sun, always completely misunderstood and scolded by her lord brother, here finally gets an acknowledgement of her unique traits and contributions to the war effort.  The scene is also well played out, where we see Xiao Qiao attempt to cover up Shang Xiang, only to be shrugged off - buck propriety! - and the next shot is Sun Quan looking pensieve. And then another attempt by Xiao Qiao (we assume) trying again, only we’re surprised as Shang Xiang is to find that it’s not Xiao Qiao but Sun Quan, using his own robe to cover her up. I love this moment. Zhao Wei and Chang Chen’s faces are crippling.

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    It’s EPIC. It’s like Chinese Shakespeare. Loosely based on a poetic version of history. I’m in love with 100% of the...
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    You summed it up. My feels.
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