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it is your legacy

SARAH: … I wonder if I could ask you to build me something?
JOEL: Okay, yeah?
SARAH: I wonder if you would build me a desk.
JOEL: (surprised) … I’d love to.
SARAH: (disbelief) Really?

PARENTHOOD, 2x01 I Hear You, I See You

This… by far my most favorite moment of the premiere. 1) Lauren Graham, you never cease to amaze me. 2) Joel is increasingly a favorite. 3) Sister-in-law / brother-in-law moment. Um, favorite family show? Yes. **Also, um, complete background/set switch? Same angle, different background. Good job continuity department.

4 years ago on 16 September 2010 @ 12:12am 19 notes
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    This is something I’m really excited to see, more people that we thought would never interact doing exactly that!
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