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it is your legacy

- She pauses, confused. “You’re not mad?”
- “Furious, but not at you.” He shrugs. “Can I beat him up?”
- “What will the papers say?” she laughs, a little teary, as she sits up in the tub. “’Rising Political Star In Pub Brawl With Famed Songwriter.’”
- “Is that your way of saying I can’t take him?” he laughs back, kissing her.
- “I just don’t want to see that pretty face bruised,” she giggles around his mouth. She pulls at the collar of his suit, so roughly that he almost ends up in the tub with her. “How expensive is this thing, anyway?”
- “A small fortune,” he says, shedding the jacket as she loosens the bow-tie. “Gimme a second.” (x)

[shrug] So I drew fanart for a fanfic of a fictional couple from a fictional movie played by a fictional cast. All because I have a problem. Credit 3M for the fic and the inspiration and credit longjackets for the fabulous original movie idea and credit Angel Coulby and Richard Madden for having beautiful faces.

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    I know I’m suppose to be shipping Richard and Angel (and I do a little) but I WOULD BADLY LOVE TO SEE SOMEONE DO SOME...
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  9. alighterwithlove said: award for most talented person goes to… seriously though, this is lovely ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR FIRST TIME COLOURING IN PHOTOSHOP - oh my gosh, how does that work? can I just say I encourage all of your life choices if they lead to this? cause YES.
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